I am a community and landscape ecologist working at the interface of basic and applied conservation science. I serve as a Lead Research Ecologist with The Wilderness Society and faculty affiliate at Montana State University and the University of Montana. 




Conservation science

Understanding nature and quantifying patterns of biological diversity and ecological integrity help us make better land management and policy decisions. Informing decisions requires that scientists work with decision makers. We should ensure that decisions are made in ways that reflect diverse perspectives, especially from people that have historically been under-represented in conservation.


U.S. Geological Survey

Flagstaff, Arizona

I conducted post-doctoral research on questions surrounding rangeland management and ecological thresholds on the Colorado Plateau.

Landscape and macro-ecology

It is important to consider ecological patterns at a broad scale. Sometimes we lose the details, but gain perspective by taking a broad view of nature.

Community ecology

The details are still important. What local-scale processes and environmental settings give rise to which species occur where and how they interact with other species and the environment? This local-scale understanding is critical and a complement to broader-scale considerations mentioned above.  


Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, Virginia

I conducted my PhD research studying the effects of alternative timber harvesting practices on Appalachian forest vegetation in the Jefferson National Forest.


The University of Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee

I conducted my MS research studying the effects of elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide on forest understory vegetation at Oak Ridge National Lab.